Field Tours 2019

Primus Labs Field Tour Synopsis

Navigate through the headquarters of one of the nation’s most trusted agricultural labs and leaders in food safety! Prideful of our transparency, you’ll receive a look at our Microbiological and Pesticide laboratories, gaining insight of the agricultural testing process from start to finish. 

Curation Foods Field Tour Synopsis

Curation Foods' Eat Smart brand has been at the forefront of growth in fresh produce innovation. Providing fresh cut vegetables created to satisfy consumers’ desire for healthy, convenient foods. In this tour you will be navigating through their packaging facility where they implement their BreatheWay® specialty packaging technology, which extends freshness naturally and offers consumers excellent value for their produce dollar.

California Giant Field Tour Synopsis

Attendees will view California Giant’s harvesting crews packing fresh strawberries, witness quality control processes, observe receiving and cooling procedures and follow the process until the berries are being prepared for shipping from the post-harvest cooling facility.